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Do You like my show and would you like to contribute to develop new musical instruments?
Do You want to see how far I can reach in my show?
Do You want to be amazed what objects and in what count can be played on?
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One Man Band

Alexander Zoltan playing

It is likely, while strolling thru your town, you will see a swinging umbrella above the heads of the crowd and you will hear some brisk dixiland music. The laughter, applause and dance of a cheering crowd will bring you closer to the band and you will find that the entire street is entertained by only one man.

You also start to tap your feet, clap your hands and laugh, while your eyes try to find out which foot is controlling the cymbal or hi – hats, how is it possible that the bass murmurs, while simultaneously the cow bell or the wash board sound. The captivating banjo will be ringing in your ears and while dancing you may guess which solo instrument is going to have the next turn: the mouth organ, kazoo, or the sliding whistle?

You will also hear my singing voice joining the merry atmosphere to entertain you with the well known, or the long – time forgotten worlds of the good old songs the whole world loves.

And when you manage to drag yourself away and return back from the time of dixiland to the todays world, my umbrella will bid you farewell.