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Technical drawing of the patented Musical Machine

Alexander Zoltan's Instrument

The key to the technical drawing of the patented orchestral machine presented to the honored audience on this phonographic record:

a) tenor banjo in tunning F-C-D-A
b) breath harmonica
c) kazoo
d) Hawain sliding whistle - pitched by the movement of the banjo
e) duck call
f) referee's whistle
g) automobile horn
h) a bicycle bell
i) bass string
j) bass plectrum fitted on a swinging bar
k) transmission from vertical to horizontal movement
l) a spring returning the bass drive to the initial position
m) a spring returning the bass plectrum bar to the initial position
n) a contact stick copying a firmly fixed cam, determining the plectrum trajectory
o) firmly fixed cam
p) a rope to the artist's left heel controling the bass plectrum
q) the bass resonator, inside is a drum stick, beatings the bass drum strokes on the resonator wall
r) pantographic fitting of the bass resonator transmits movements of the artist's buttock into the pretension of the bass string which determines the pitch of the bass tone
s) cymbal - controlled by right elbow
t) the kind of bell cows enjoy wearing and playing
u) hi-hats
v) washboard
w) tambourine
x) a spoon making the washboard and the tambourine sound, controlled by the right foot